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Student Association of Forensics and Enthusiasts holds 1st virtual general assembl

October 19, 2020

The first virtual general assembly of Holy Angel University chapter of the Student Association of Forensics and Enthusiasts (HAU-SAFE) was successfully held on October 16 via Streamyard. With the theme “Vestige: Immersing Prudence to Forensic Science”, the assembly featured Mr. Rolly Herida Jr., a Bachelor of Forensic Science cum laude graduate in the North, as the guest speaker.

Through the initiative of the pioneering students from the University’s Bachelor of Forensic Science program, the HAU-SAFE, the official student organization of the said program was established. It aims to provide a foundation for competent, credible, and ethical forensic scientists, who will shape the future of the field using new knowledge and innovation, motivating students toward the truth and justice through science.

Giving life to the event, the hosts of the general assembly were Alexis Macalino and Suji Park, HAU-SAFE’s Student Welfare Director and Community Development Director, respectively.

In the course of the event, Dr. Niño Kabiling, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF), delivered his opening remarks to formally commence the event. “This kind of activity, spearheaded by our forensic organization, is one of the manifestations of the development of the Bachelor of Forensic Science program of HAU,” said Dr. Kabiling, emphasizing the importance of forensic science in the administration of justice.

The organization as a whole was presented by HAU-SAFE’s Delegate, Angelika Herrera. Following that was the introduction of the Board of Directors headed by the organization’s President, Conrado Tumang III. Finally, the unveiling of future events and services was addressed by Vivienne Pamintuan, the organization’s Vice President - Internal.

Mr. Herida talked about his experiences during and after pursuing a forensic science degree. “The highlight of my journey as a forensic science student was actually our major activity in my internship,” showing his documentations of their exhumation simulation. On the doubts that students may experience being in the program, he added, “It is not the employment opportunities that are limited but the one that is limited is our mindset, because we only intend to rely on what is already available here in the Philippines. If we try to look for other options, opportunities are endless.” After sharing the training programs he attended, that he shared that he is currently taking up a degree in Law and his plan on studying medicine to become a medico-legal officer. “We just need to explore for us to see the unlimited opportunities that the world has for forensic science graduates.” The talk concluded with a question and answer session.

“We are very thankful to hear such wonderful testimony coming from a well-experienced pioneer [graduate] of the degree Bachelor of Forensic Science in the country,” Mr. Anthony Jimenez, HAU-SAFE adviser and instructor said in his closing remarks.

Bachelor of Forensic Science is the newest program under the CCJEF instituted in the Academic Year 2019-2020. This marks HAU as the first in Region III to offer the four-year degree.

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