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SED students participate in 2nd webinar series on research

September 16, 2020

The School of Education (SED) conducts its 2nd of a series of webinars in Research Writing on September 14, 2020. Once again, all 3rd Year Level students and faculty handling the research course and other faculty attended the webinar.

In this webinar, Dr. Jean R. Canlas, the resource speaker from the Department of Education, emphasized the importance of involving oneself in Action Research, especially pre-service teachers and in-service teachers. “Action research is an avenue for us to become life-long learners”, Dr. Canlas said.

Discussed in this webinar session were the three stages of writing an action research which begins with planning, developing and acting, and reflecting. On-the-spot drills and question and answer were participated in by the attendees. Some of the faculty attendees shared their insights on doing action research.

The webinar session ended with an open forum among the participants in which inquiries were answered by Dr. Canlas together with some of the SEd faculty members.

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