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SED conducts research writing webinar series

September 16, 2020

True to its mission of becoming the leading Catholic institution of Teacher Education in the region that serves as a benchmark for quality instruction, research and other best teaching-learning practices, the School of Education (SED), through the initiative of the faculty handling the research courses, conducts a series of webinars in Research from September to October of school year 2020-2021.

The webinars intend to prepare the SED students in the 3rd Year Level for their Research Course and the writing of the Thesis/Research Paper which is a requirement for graduation. It is also in compliance with the requirements of the newly implemented Teacher Education curriculum.

The first of the series was conducted on September 1, 2020 where the topic discussed was Life Hacks in Research Writing. The speaker was Dr. Elmer D Bondoc, Director of the University Research Office.

Dr. Bondoc discussed the different parts of the research paper, scientific writing, as well as other technical concerns in writing and important tips or lifehacks in writing a research paper. Both student and faculty attendees participated actively in the discussion by asking questions and sharing of ideas.

Dr. Alma Natividad, Dean of SED, congratulated the participants for their active participation and remined them that “…the situation is not easy, but with the collaboration between faculty and students, the School of Education can do it.” She also hoped that all students, and even the faculty, will be motivated to do research.

Series 2, 3, and 4 of the webinars are scheduled on September 14, 2020, “Action Research”, October 1, 2020, “Ethical Considerations in Research”, and October 8, 2020, “Statistical Tools and Data Analysis”. The webinars are conducted via ZOOM.

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