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HAU-SOC partners with Huawei ICT Academy

September 3, 2020

Holy Angel University has recently partnered with Huawei ICT Academy in delivering and offering IT syllabi that will mainly impact the programs under HAU's School of Computing (SOC). The certificate of authorization from Huawei was bestowed upon HAU on August 13, 2020.

Huawei ICT Academy was launched in the Philippines in 2018, airming to partner with local colleges and universities in the country. It is focused on six key areas: IP routing and switching, WLAN, security, storage, cloud, and big data. Students of partner schools are given access to the free courses and other ICT-related resources found on the Huawei ICT Academy website. The free online courses will aid students in gaining the necessary skills needed to pass the Huawei Certification. Its academic syllabi are focused more on comprehensive, innovative, and industry-specific certification systems and setting ICT talent standards.

“I want to congratulate HAU and SOC for being a Huawei ICT Academy partner. These things are for our students and our upcoming students too. We want to prepare them to have a better future in the outside world and not only in the four walls of their classrooms. The abrupt shift in learning that the pandemic did for our students is not that easy because there are a lot of them who are not that used to this kind of environment. Our teachers are also affected by the rapid and unexpected transformation of working places and practices. Taken out of the classroom environment and expected to deliver lessons remotely while maintaining some form of relationship with their peers is too challenging for us. However, we still ensure our students that we will do our best to deliver the best education to them. We at the HAU-SOC, are partnering with different companies that can provide state-of-the-art facilities in online classes,” shares SOC Dean Dr. Francisco Napalit.

Huawei's industry-standard syllabi will significantly impact HAU-SOC's academic programs and also benefit the instructors to be able to teach students whether online or offline. Its syllabi is projected to be integrated in the SOC undergraduate and graduate curricula during the 2nd semester of School Year (SY) 2020-2021 or the following SY, including its flagship graduate programs Professional Science Master’s in Cybersecurity and Master in Information Technology.

“In a bid to succeed, SOC is turning to software and simulated hardware as a means of managing the challenges brought about by this new way of teaching. A learning management system, productivity tools, specialized software, and a conferencing app are also up and running in HAU, helping teachers to plan, deliver and mark their lessons as effectively as possible while restoring some sense of normality in a situation that’s very far from normal,” Dr. Napalit added.

Huawei ICT Academy is a partnership between Huawei and Academies around the world. Through this partnership, Academy delivers Huawei ICT technologies training, encourages students to get Huawei certification, and develops talents with practical skills for the ICT industry and the community. The Huawei ICT Academy is part of Huawei's corporate social responsibility programs.

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