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CCJEF conducts online General Assembly for SY 2020-2021

August 8, 2020

With the growing concerns of students for their future due to the pandemic, the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) addressed this matter during their Annual General Assembly held online last August 1, 2020.

Along with the entire CCJEF administration, faculty and staff, Dean Niño Kabiling eased the students' worries with his message.

"In CCJEF, we practice camaraderie. Tulungan, walang hulugan." said Dean Kabiling during the annual assembly. Entitled “New Normal in Education: The Panthers way”, the Assembly was hosted by CCJEF freshman Yshi Maglaqui via Zoom. The event served as welcome orientation for the freshmen and upper years; it was also an avenue for discussion of the new platform in education.

During the event proper, each faculty was introduced, and they imparted some encouragement for the upcoming classes. Program Coordinator Ms. Ma. Diana B. Delfin, started her discussion of the University’s and the College's Mission and Vision with a statement to assure all students of the quality of education. "We will bring learning to people and not people to learning." Ms. Delfin said during the program.

After the discussion of the University and College's Mission and Vision, it was followed by a discussion of the curriculum for both Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Bachelor of Forensic Science programs that will served as their blueprint of their education. The retention policy for both programs were presented as well.

Moving forward to the highlight of the program, Dean Kabiling gave a very detailed discussion on what to expect for the upcoming school year, the grading system, the delivery mode of instruction, class schedules, consultation period, and the attendance and punctuality. He discussed some terms to ponder for the “New Normal” in education and introduced the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) that will serve as the main HAU platform in providing quality online education.

Making sure that the students know how to use Canvas, Dean Kabiling gave CCJEF students a real-time tour around Canvas, demonstrating the features and functions of it.

Before ending the orientation, the Dean discussed about the roles and responsibilities that each student, parent, and teacher in online education, included also are the expected behavior of the students in an online class.

At the end, various student organizations of the College showcased their importance and benefits. CCJEF students didn’t fail to surprise the audience with their enthusiastic performance; the College Student Council (CSC) represented by their Chairman Mr. Tristan Vidallon; Criminal Justice Organization for Public Service (COPS) represented by Ms. Ashley Mallari, Chancellor; Reserve Training Officer's Corp by their Corp Commander Mr. Jake Buerano; The Headquarters publication by Ms. Njas Barreza, Managing Editor; and the newest addition to the CCJEF student organizations, HAU Student Association of Forensics and Enthusiasts (HAU-SAFE) represented by their Organization President Mr. Conrado Tumang III and Organization Delegate Ms. Angelika Herrera. This new organization created by these young prodigies is something to look forward to by all students interested in the field of Forensics.

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