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HAU assembles IT experts, practitioners at 1st Regional Computing Conference

February 12, 2020

The gathering of some of the brightest computing minds from across the Philippines happened in the 1st Regional Computing Conference “Moving Barriers in Computing Paradigms through the Integration of Intelligent Systems” last January 24, 2020 at the SJH Academic Hall of Holy Angel University. The Conference, which attracted 160 students and industry practitioners from as far as Bulacan, was a mix of seminar talks, industry panels, and networking. It featured six computing experts from different institutions who have imparted their knowledge to the audience.

Arianne Yambao, Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer at Senti AI said “Most people should know we have ethics in AI. Just like any technology, Artificial Intelligence is just a tool and we are responsible on how it is used.” He talked about “Evolution of Artificial Intelligence to Intelligent Systems” who inspired a lot of Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts.

Joey Gurango, founder of start-up companies like Servio Technologies, Coders Guild, among others, advised the young application developers to “learn one of the modern languages and become expert at it.” He talked about “Impact of Application Development in Intelligent Systems” who inspired a lot of coders in the audience wanting to become a programmer like him.

Jonathan de Luzuriaga, CEO of Spring Valley said, “Philippines has a remarkable future in digital”. He talked about “Digital Philippines: a New Decade” who became an inspiration for the audience to talk about Spring Valley which can be the next Silicon Valley in the Philippines.

Calen Legaspi, CEO of EduSuite talked about “The Intelligent Philippine Schools”. He is one of the start-up champions who became successful in his craft and style of leadership.

Michael Shane, President of FilAm Software said, “Intelligent System gave us the ability to expand and do more, absorb more data and gather data better, so that we can use that to make better decisions and create machines that make better solutions.” He spoke about “Moving Barriers in Software Technology with Intelligent Systems”.

Ryan Ericson Gonzales Canlas, Director of Delivery for Cloud First Overall Capability Lead for Salesforce at Accenture discussed about “Improving Business Process Outsourcing Solutions Through Intelligent Systems” who inspired a lot of BPO professionals in the audience.

The conference became an opportunity for the students, industry leaders and practitioners to learn how to translate the knowledge they gained in the classroom into starting their own business.

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