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Comm alumni spearhead Advertising and Public Relations Workshops

January 21, 2020

The Communication alumni who work for top advertising and public relations firms in the country spearheaded the ADGENDA: Meeting of Creative Minds, a training-workshop on advertising and public relations for 2nd year Communication students last January 18, 2020. The event aims to educate and inspire the students to pursue their passion in the field of advertising and public relations.

Art directors, Glan Manalo and Troy Castro, gave general tips how to break in the advertising industry in their topic, How To Be In Po.

Marcel Lacap, shared his journey as a copywriter—how he started from the very bottom and now one of the award-winning copywriters in the industry.

A designer of U-Studio Manila, Nick Adoptante, taught the audience to flearn it until they make it. To flearn simply means to learn through failure. He stated that failure is an inevitable part of one’s life and as an advertiser.

Breakout sessions on art directing, copywriting, public relations, and content producing were also conducted. Speakers were Kinno Cunanan, Troy Castro, Nick Adoptante, Glan Manalo, Camille Nuqui, Mardy Cunanan, Kirk Castillo, Marcel Lacap, Gallen Villanueva, Vanessa Valderama, Keyr Castro and Dyan Bugay. Speakers graduated from the year 2014 to 2019.

The event also featured the rising stars of the industry selected from the participants. Winners were awarded internship and interview passes to top advertising companies in the country. The sophomores also presented their solution-based projects on the relevant issue of vaccination today in the Philippines.

Learning, inspiration, and fun—when combined altogether, forms a remarkable story. This was ADGENDA, where creative minds met.

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