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The Angelite Alumni Group lectures on campus journalism

July 16, 2019

Student journalists from Holy Angel University’s university and college publications attend the Campus Journalism Seminar-Workshop 2019 facilitated by an alumni group of The Angelite, HAU’s official university publication on July 12, 2019 at the SFJ Multipurpose Hall and SFJ AVRs. Organized by the Office of Student Services and Affairs, the program’s objective is to provide support to university’s student journalists through lectures on writing news, features, column, editorial, editorial cartooning, photojournalism, preparing financial statement, and empower them to address issues on campus paper management. Topics were divided into simultaneous breakout sessions delivered by each resource speaker.

The Angelite alumni members consist of Keempee Tolentino (Editor in Chief, 2008-2009), Ma. Elise Magbag (Editor in Chief, 2014-2015), Charlene Torres (Editor in Chief, 2015-2016), Honey Ramirez (Senior Editor, 2011-2012), Patrick Louie Pilapil (Arts Editor, 2011-2012), Rikki Jann Vallido (Photojournalist, 2008-2009), and Harold Gomez (Managing Editor, 2010-2011).

The annual campus journalism awards was held after the program at the university’s Café Juan hailing The Enterprise, the School of Business and Accountancy’s student publication, as the Best Publication for SY 2018-2019.

The day-long lecture was attended by student journalists from The Angelite, The Enterprise, The Solution (School of Engineering and Architecture), The Concierge (School of Hospitality and Tourism Management), The Nexus (School of Arts and Sciences), The Access Point (College of Information and Communications Technology), and The Reflection (School of Education).

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