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CICT officials pass Trend Micro Malware Analysis Certification

College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) Dean Dr. Francisco Napalit and Computer Science OBE Coordinator Arcely Napalit completed the Trend Micro Malware Analysis Certification, with flying colors, on June 25, 2019 at the Trend Labs Headquarters in Manila. The certification program, which costs $200 was granted for free to attendees of the Faculty and Development Workshop. Among the objectives of the program are to be able to define and understand the security problems created by and differences between malware, grayware, and web-based threats; identify social engineering threats; identify Trend Micro solutions that provide multi-level security against malware, grayware, and web-based-threats; understand Advanced Persistent Threats or Targeted Attacks; and describe the threat landscape and attack types that IT professionals currently face and are likely to face in the near future, based on developing trends in threat content.

Trend Micro Inc. is a multinational cyber security and defense company with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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