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Management Society hosted the MarkProf Roadshow Series 2014

Management Society together with MarkProf held the MarkProf Roadshow Series 2014 at Holy Angel University Theatre with a theme "I am a Young Mover" last August 09, 2014. The Roadshow is part of the event of MarkProf's search for the Top 25 Marketing Students of our country. It was attended by management students coming from different schools including ABE International Business College, AMA Angeles City, St. Nicolas College, Mary the Queen College, Dominican College of Tarlac and students from host school, Holy Angel University.

Management Society started to advertise the event with a 30-Day Countdown on social medias including the organization's facebook page, group, twitter, and instagram. The organization also presented invitation letters in different schools. Ads were posted around PGN building to create awareness. The official selling of tickets started last ManSoc's First General Assembly, August 02, 2014.

The event started with a blast as each school roars the theatre with their yell. Before the talk of speakers, Miss Joy Anne Evaristo, ManSoc adviser, welcomed the participants with her opening remarks. The seminar had three speakers coming from well known companies discussing topics about #Nsights, Integrated Marketing Communication, and E-marketing. The first speaker, Mr. Dominic Briguera, focuses on #Nsights which talks about the difference between information and insights. He mentioned about the latest trends like the top countries who uses facebook, what's trending in twitter, the leading newspaper in the country, etc. All of these affect marketing today and studies how consumers participate in these changes. He also shares the 3-What Insight Tools which are What, So What, What's Next.

The second speaker Mr.Gino Yturralde, alumni of HAU, talked about Integrated Marketing Communication. He stated the consumers' power today, thanks to the thing called internet. He also gave us the guiding principle of IMC which are in 3 Steps:

  • Step 1 Know Your Objective
  • Step 2 Define Your Target
  • Step 3 Stick with Your Brand Identity

After using the guiding principle, marketers should Listen, Plan, Execute, and Monitor.

The third speaker, Mr. Albet Buddahim, talked about e-marketing. He focuses on the latest in marketing today which includes the internet. Nowadays, people uses internet for entertainment and searching for products to buy. E-marketing is a tool in targeting these people who are tech-savvy. Unlike the traditional TV ads, e-marketing can access their target easier and can work worldwide.

After the talk led by the three speakers, students had a chance to ask questions in the Q&A portion of the event. There was also recruitment talk which is led by Mr. A.R Polinar the President of MarkProf Foundation Inc. encouraging students to join the search for top 25 marketing students. An inspiring and grateful closing remarks by Miss Riza Mae Flores, ManSoc President, successfully ended the event.

Date Posted: 08-17-2014