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Academic Recognition Program 2014

To our beloved University Officer-in-Charge, Engr. Geromin T. Nepomuceno, Jr., Fellow Workers in the University, my dear Honor Students and their proud Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning/afternoon.

On behalf of the academic community of Holy Angel University, I welcome one and all to our Recognition Program 2014. This exercise is a tribute to our college students who have exhibited exemplary academic performance during the 2nd Semester of the past school year, qualifying them to the President’s List or the Dean’s List. It is also an expression of our appreciation to their parents and guardians ─ their silent supporters through thick and thin, the “wind beneath their wings.”

My dear friends, it is no doubt that this morning/afternoon we have in this hall the highest concentration of IQ inside the campus. Some of you here might be other Albert Einsteins in the making who as we know at age 26 formulated the theory of relativity, or of the likes of William James Sidis who at age 2 knew how to read, of Akrit Jaswal who at age 7 performed surgery, of Jean Piaget who at age 10 published his first scientific paper, of Wolfgang Mozart who at age 8 wrote his first symphony, or even of the modern Bill Gates who at age 22 founded Microsoft and at age 40 became the richest man on the planet.

No doubt you are all intelligent and we salute you for that. You might have struck the optimum balance between heredity and environment, giving you the chemistry that spells mental prowess and ultimately, academic success.

Howard Gardner, a Harvard educator, however, tells us that our traditional notions of intelligence might be too limited, for to him, intelligence is a variable with multiple elements. It is not only logical-mathematical and linguistic as where the premium usually goes; it is also musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Thus, on the latter, the importance of EQ (Emotional Intelligence). While IQ (or the Intelligence Quotient) is no doubt a very significant determinant of success, equally important is EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Yes, we need sharp minds, but we also need understanding hearts. We need to develop our cognitive faculties, but we also need to polish our affective abilities. We must develop our right brains, but we must develop our left brains as well. We must master the hard core disciplines of science, technology and mathematics, but we must also appreciate the social sciences, the arts and the humanities.

This is what Holy Angel education is all about. Our goal is the development of the whole person, and this is in the service of man for the greater glory of God.

We strive to give you a total educational experience that is first and foremost intellectual, but is also psycho-social, physical and spiritual. Our aspiration is to transform you into competent and productive professionals who are imbued with the gospel values ─ well-rounded, emotionally matured, self-confident, assertive, persevering, socially responsive, critical, creative, innovative ─ ready to pursue noble goals not only for one’s self but also for the larger society and the world.

My dear honorees, you are the epitome of this brand of students that our beloved University seeks to produce. May you continue to exemplify the core values of the University, particularly in your commitment to excellence, servant leadership and social responsibility, and the spirit of the founder.

And so, on this day, I say from the bottom of my heart: “Congratulations for a job well done. Keep up the good work.” And to our parents and guardians, “Mayap a oras pu kekayu ngan.”

Date Posted: 08-04-2014