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Ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning and welcome to the 13th University Research Colloquium.

This colloquium is a forum for the presentation of research papers authored by our faculty under the auspices of the HAU Faculty Research Program. It is an exercise towards the end of the research process consisting of research proposal preparation, evaluation and approval; implementation, presentation and publication.

I commend the faculty members who made it to this colloquium. Equally important to the output is the experience that goes with its production. I therefore do hope that in conducting your respective studies, you have become better educators ─ ready and equipped to continue your search for knowledge and thus attain higher and higher levels of maturity in the area of academic scholarship.

To do so, the challenge is for us to raise the bar along 2 Qs ─ Quantity and Quality. Quantity: to produce more researches, to do more paper presentations, to publish more articles and to acquire more research grants. Quality: to undertake studies in the hard core disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; humanities, education and the social sciences; and business, accountancy and management ─ studies that provide significant contributions in theory and/or practice.

I congratulate the Academic Research Office for this noteworthy achievement, particularly Mr. Rio Yutuc, the new Head of Research; the Graduate School Coordinators who are at the same the Research Coordinators of the Colleges ─ Dr. Al Biag, Dr. Benita Bonus and Dr. Arturo Figueroa; and the Academic Research Staffer, Mr. Paolo Lumanlan. I also thank the discussants who found time out of their busy schedules to share with us their competence in reviewing the papers assigned to them.

My wish then is for us to have a fruitful 13th Research Colloquium. I hope to see you again in the 14th Colloquium.

Thank you.

Date Posted: 06-29-2014