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New HAU head appeals for reconciliation

The newly appointed Officer-in-Charge of Holy Angel University (HAU) has called for unity and reconciliation among the sectors in the University, particularly those involved in a labor strike that disrupted school operations for three months last year.

Engr. Geromin T. Nepomuceno, Jr. spoke during the Mass officiated by Most Rev. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D., Archbishop of San Fernando and Vice Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

“Regardless of position, status, or affiliation, whether administration, students or alumni, teaching and non-teaching staff, union or non-union members, before God we are all equal, and in the eyes of the outside world we are all one university,” Engr. Nepomuceno said in his speech, which was interrupted several times by loud applause.

“On behalf of the administration, allow me to extend the hand of reconciliation to the union,” he said, appealing to all sectors to “disentangle ourselves from legal impediments so we can all move forward and be united in confronting the challenges that lie ahead.”

“I can assure you right now, that if the union will make an affirmative move, the administration is ready and willing to reciprocate accordingly,” Engr Nepomuceno said, referring to the unreleased adjustments in salaries and benefits that are tied to the union’s unwithdrawn unfair labor practice (ULP) case against HAU and the unresolved deadlock in the CBA negotiations, which had led to last year's strike.

“We have all suffered enough. It’s time to finally enjoy the benefits that have been withheld as a result of this unfortunate experience,” he added.

The community gave Engr. Nepomuceno a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Nepomuceno, who served as the University’s Comptroller from 1982 to 1998 and Vice President for Internal Operations from 1995 to 1998, was appointed OIC following the resignation of Dr. Arlyn Villanueva as HAU president last June 15. The long-time school administrator and corporate manager is concurrently President of the Angeles Electric Corporation (AEC).

His appointment coincides with an impressive school-year opening for the University, which posted an enrollment increase of nearly a thousand new enrollees, bringing the total HAU student population at 19,803 as of June 21, compared to last year’s total of 18,835.

Date Posted: 06-26-2014