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To our beloved University President, University and College Officials, Members of the Faculty, our dear Honorees and their proud Parents or Guardians, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good evening and welcome to the Testimonial Dinner for our New Licensed Teachers in the Elementary and Secondary Levels. To you, our new professionals, congratulations for a job well done. In the same manner I greet our parents who are here tonight to celebrate the fruits of their labor, as I also commend our faculty members in the Teacher Education Department, in particular, and the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASEd), in general, for making a significant difference in the lives of their former students who, like them, are now teachers.

For the information of everybody, this batch of September 2013 examinees registered a 60.38 percent passing rate in the LET Secondary (or 64/106) as against the national passing percentage of only 39.75 percent; and a 54.67 percent passing rate in the LET Elementary (or 41/75) in the LET Elementary, as compared to the national batting average of only 31.18 percent.

These rates, noteworthy as they may be, still leave room for further challenges in the future ─ of higher and higher passing rates year in and year out, until at last we hit the 100 percent passing mark. It is our dream for our LET; it is also our dream for all the other licensure examinations.

You will be practicing your profession in the context of accelerating reforms and changes in the national educational landscape. You will be at the forefront of our efforts to fully implement the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum, and you will become part of a professional market that will be affected by the free flow of professionals and students among countries in Southeast Asia, starting next year when ASEAN 2015 takes off.

We trust that you have developed the competence to hurdle these changes. More than this, we do hope that you will live up to the gospel values that were a part of your education and training in Holy Angel ─ that inspired by the greatest Teacher of all times, our LORD JESUS, you will touch not only the minds, but also the hearts and the hands of your pupils and students.

Again, Congratulations and Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 02-26-2014