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Today, being Founders Day and the 80th Anniversary of the founding of this University, we pay homage to the legacy of Don Juan Nepomuceno and his family, who built not just this school but also other key institutions and services that helped transform this town into a city.

Don Juan and his co-founder of this University, Fr. Pedro Santos were two Catholic educators who wanted to provide the people of Angeles the same quality Catholic education they got from exclusive schools in Manila. It was the same pioneering spirit, the same desire to help the community, which also led his children and descendants to continue the work he started 80 years ago in the case of the University.

It is for this reason that the newest and largest building on campus is named after Engr. Peter Gomez Nepomuceno. He is the youngest of Don Juan’s ten children and yet it was to him that the father passed on the torch of responsibility—the responsibility to keep the family business thriving, the responsibility to keep the family intact, and the responsibility to keep the family values alive.

We know that it was the eldest son of Don Juan—Javier Nepomuceno—who gave his father the reason to put up Holy Angel. However, it was the youngest—Peter Nepomuceno—by taking up Don Juan’s other businesses, who gave his father all the time in the world to run his beloved school in the remainder of his life. Working mostly behind the scene, Uncle Pete served this University in various capacities, as member of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee, and as the concerned Patriarch who bore the full weight of the family name on his shoulders.

Today, we have been given a chance to pay tribute to this unseen and unsung hero of Holy Angel University by naming this building The Peter G. Nepomuceno Center for Professional Development. This is the home of the Graduate School and the biggest college of the University, the College of Business and Accountancy. It also houses the offices and facilities of Student Services and Affairs, the University Student Council, as well as 20 case rooms, 9 computer laboratories, food courts that can seat 250 students, function rooms that can seat 400 guests, a 500-seat auditorium, and the future Law School. Please find time to visit all the ten floors of this building after the blessing.

We are dedicating the building to St. John Nepomucene, the namesake of our Founder, martyr for the seal of confession and protector against floods. His first-class relic, an actual bone fragment from his hand, was donated by Uncle Pete’s own son, Dr. Peter Joseph Nepomuceno, and is on permanent display at the University Chapel.

Uncle Pete, today as the academic community of Holy Angel honors the memory of your father, we present to you this building—a monument to the Founder’s enduring vision, a vision which you have so selflessly supported all these years. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Nepomuceno family and the administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and alumni, dakal a dakal pung salamat!

Date Posted: 03-06-2014