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TO OUR NEWLY licensed professional teachers, to our dear parents and guardians, fellow administrators, faculty members, guests, ladies and gentlemen, a very pleasant evening to all.

I would like to personally thank you for sharing your precious time with us tonight as we know that most of you are now in full swing in the world of teaching. Thank you for accepting our invitation as we honour you and your parents in this brief but meaningful dinner to celebrate the accomplishment in the recent Licensure Examination for Teachers given by the Professional Regulatory Commission.

Since it offered teacher education course in the 1950’s, Holy Angel University has produced teacher-graduates who are now active in service not just as teachers across various learning settings and systems but as supervisors, school principals, K-12 trainers, school owners whether here in our region and beyond. They are educators who are making an impact in the lives of thousands of Filipino learners and in our country’s educational system as a whole. This tradition of excellence, service and commitment is now passed on to your batch.

Through your hard-earned government license, your stable entry to the world of public and private school system is now just within reach. It is also your lifetime emblem symbolizing your dedication as a pre-service teacher in HAU for four years coupled with your parents’ unwavering support. Now, having been licensed to teach professionally should cause you to rise beyond mediocrity and join the roll of HAU teachers who went ahead of you and have taken teaching with unwavering dedication, commitment and passion.

As your President and as an educator myself, let me inspire you all as I share with you these nuggets of wisdom which you can bring home tonight:

Remember that HAU did not just prepare you to pass the licensure board examination for teachers; HAU has prepared you for life. Now is the perfect time to articulate the quality teacher education HAU has provided you with. There are many unique learning experiences HAU has nurtured you with which are not given by any other teacher education colleges or universities. They may not have been included in the list of multiple choice type of questions asked during the board examination but should be possessed by the 21st century educator.

Remember too that teaching is a mission and schools are your mission fields. Whether you choose to join the public school system or stay with privately-run schools, on the hill or in the cities, any school is an opportunity to minister to the young souls coming from whatever social class. Our country is in dire need of missionary-by-heart teachers to go to unpopular places where quality educational services are wanting.

And thirdly, remember that teaching is a calling. You did not choose teaching, God chose you to serve Him through teaching; Each and every one of you is called to teach. And having been up to this point in your life is a clear expression that you indeed, have responded well to God’s call to teach; I therefore challenge you to exercise your gift of teaching by becoming an effective instrument of God’s wisdom, grace and love.

So tonight my dear teachers let me challenge you in the same way Apostle Paul emboldened the early Christians of Philippi: “that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. “**

Laus Deo Semper! Mayap a bengi ke ko ngan.

*** Philippians 1:6, NIV

Date Posted: 02-26-2014