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Hail the 1st Central Luzon Media Awards

Holy Angel University and Communicators’ League, the official organization of Communication Arts students launched Paragala, the first media awards ceremony in Region III.

The event shall be known to reward, as the name suggest (Paragala means token given for a service; reward), all good things mass media have been known of; like providing good programs for the audience.

Paragala aims to recognize and honour the most distinguished and the most popular celebrities and TV shows in the Philippines.

Communicators’ League President Khamelle Cunanan said that Paragala will enable Communication Arts students to be familiar with such an event like media awards.

“Paragala is a great endeavor that will pilot the very first media award-giving body that shall be parallel to all other universities’ media awards,” she explained.

People in Region III shall vote for their favorite celebrities and TV programs to determine the winners. Paragala will give recognitions like Best Morning show, Best Magazine show, Actor and Actress of the Year, TV Station of the Year and the like.

Communicator’s League adviser Leslie Manalo added that Paragala will be a great venue in promoting the course in the region and moreso in the Philippines.

“The Communicator’s League has been providing avenues for the students to enhance and to harness their talents and skills through different projects and activities, among which is the 1st Central Luzon Media Awards,” she said.

Paragala will be a stepping stone in shaping Central Luzon in becoming a center of media excellence.

The awards night will be held on February 8, 2014 at the Holy Angel University Theatre.

Date Posted: 02-16-2014