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College Recognition Day

Our dear honorees, their parents and loved ones, members of the Administration and faculty, good morning/afternoon.

Every semester we come together for this rite of passage which is essential to the life and health of an academic institution. When our students do well in their studies, we pause and give them a pat on the back. It is our sacred duty to put on a pedestal those students who have reached the ideals of excellence we have set for them, so that others may follow their example. You, my dear honorees, are those students.

Consider this Recognition Day program as an expression of our appreciation to you for contributing to our common quest for excellence.

A University is only as good as the quality of its students. By raising the bar of academic excellence for yourselves, you have raised the level of academic excellence of your school, and contributed to its good reputation. You are the proof that we are doing the right thing, and that our policies and programs are working.

However, as you excel academically, let it not be said that you are wanting in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate the University Student Council for the successful holding of the recently concluded University Days. Your active participation is proof that student life at HAU is alive. It is in these worthwhile student activities that you should be actively involved in because this is an opportunity for you to share your talents and skills both innate/inborn and acquired through your student life.

As early as now, you have to start building your portfolios which include your impressive academic record, your involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular work such as community outreach, catechetical missions and retreats, drama/dance, chorale, journalism and sports activities, organizational and leadership trainings, attendance to recollections, seminars and workshops. Unknowingly, you are honing your craft as a future professional, not only being technically competent but a well-rounded individual.

Lastly, your real worth as a person comes with your character. Character is the sum total of not only your intelligence but also your abilities, your values in life, and your virtues. We are happy and proud of your achievement as President’s Listers and Dean’s Listers, but we will be prouder if you complete, enhance and enrich your intelligence and academic diligence with a well-rounded personality where Christ is the center of your life.

The University wishes to thank each one of you and wish the best in the years until graduation and beyond. Congratulations to you, dear academic scholars. And to our parents, mayap a oras at dakal pung salamat keng kekayung pamanyatang.

Date Posted: 01-27-2014