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Academic Recognition Program

To our University President, Dr. Arlyn Villanueva; fellow workers in the academe, honor students and their parents, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning/afternoon.

In behalf of the university community of Holy Angel, I welcome you all to the College Recognition Day Program. This convocation honors students who qualified to the President’s List, the Dean’s List and the various academic scholarship grants offered by the University.

Dear students, as we commend you for your exemplary academic performance during the First Semester of School Year 2013-2014, we also challenge you not only to keep up the good work but to raise the bar by breaking your own achievement records, and aspiring for something even higher and better.

In keeping up with the intellectual fervor of this ceremony, I wish to share with this group of bright and smart students four reflections which I believe should characterize the type of education that we should pursue today.

First, that quality education, to be truly relevant and responsive, should hone the higher-order thinking skills of students. K-12 outcomes-based education must focus from rote memory of facts and figures, to critical and creative thinking. It must satisfy the inquisitive mind by asking the right questions, especially the whys and the why not’s of life, exploring the relationships of variables, finding cause and effect, and isolating in any phenomenon the significant from the insignificant. It should apply concepts and theories to real-life situations, evaluating systems in the light of accepted standards, and/or creating something new or novel by way of discoveries and inventions. Thus the need to think outside the box, to challenge the status quo and to expand the frontiers of knowledge through innovation and research.

Second, that quality education, to bring about optimal benefits, must cross the artificial boundary lines set by various professions and disciplines. The professional of the future must be both a specialist and a generalist. He must be comfortable with the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches in solving problems, for after all, ours is an integrated world where problems at work and in society are best addressed using a multi-faceted approach involving science and technology, arts and the humanities, economics and business, politics and governance, secular disciplines and spiritual considerations. Thus the need for openness and tolerance ─ realizing that no single profession has a monopoly of the truth and embracing ideas from other programs or professions, no matter how unconventional or unorthodox these may seem to be at first glance.

Third, that quality education, to endure and to grow, must include “learning to learn.” Higher education is not about spoon feeding, but about guiding and empowering the learner to learn from a combination of sources from which knowledge flows. It is not confined to the four walls of the classroom; neither does it stop with graduation. Thus, the need for you to seek knowledge not only from your teachers but from books, journals, the Internet, multimedia resources, personal observations and everyday activities. In addition, you are advised to take your practicum, on-the-job training, field studies and RLEs (related learning experiences) seriously, for in them do you experience first-hand the blending of theory and practice.

Lastly, that quality education should develop the whole person. Here in Holy Angel, we do our best to provide you a total educational experience ─ addressing not only your academics but also your emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. We expect our honor students to become, not intellectual nerds, but well-rounded geniuses whose minds, hearts, hands and souls work together in perfect harmony.

We therefore trust that this group composed of President’s Listers and Dean’s Listers best mirrors the University’s success in attaining these goals. Together with our successful alumni, may you continue to become the best advertisements of the University as you live up to the high standards of quality and excellence for which this great Institution has been known for.

Congratulations. Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 02-02-2014