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Seminar-Workshop on Design, Development and Publication of Modular-Based Instructional Materials & Educational Innovations on Grounded Learning/Teaching Principles

A pleasant morning to all of you!

I am very happy and privileged to see co-educators from different colleges and universities across Region 3 gathered today, to participate in the 4-day seminar-workshop on the "DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLICATION OF MODULAR-BASED INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS & ON EDUCATIONAL INNOVATIONS ON GROUNDED LEARNING/TEACHING PRINCIPLES."

To our invited guest speakers, thank you for sharing not only your expertise but most especially your time.

As educators, we all share the same challenges in teaching and we need all the help that we can get to continuously improve the way we teach and handle classes. We must be in the frontline of innovation, seeking out new and better ways of teaching. We can employ different tools to aid us in the teaching and the learning process; we have to move together with our students in the new educational environment where technology plays a very big and important role. You are all IT educators, and you are challenged between merely" teaching Technology" and "teaching with technology". The objective of the seminar-workshop is to prepare you for educational innovation using technology and equip you with the knowledge and the skills to develop instructional materials, designed to adhere to the emerging types of learners.

Holy Angel University as an institution of higher learning, continuously seeking excellence, research, community involvement and linkages, ensures that both the curriculum and instruction are updated and responsive to the changing times. This is reflected in the university's mission and vision, together with the aim of creating a quality educational experience and environment that promote Christ-centered values, professional competence, leadership and social responsibility. The College of Information & Communications Technology is the youngest College in the University. From when the Department became a college in 2005, it has blossomed to become a Center of Development in IT. It is therefore befitting that we extend and host seminars and workshops such as this to other higher educational institutions like all of you, who share the same passion for excellence. I always welcome undertakings, such as this seminar- workshop, that are geared towards the improvement of the teaching and the learning process.

May the 4-day event equip you with new knowledge and skills you can bring home to your schools and your students.

Let us all become partners in the quest for continuously improving our craft as educators and the development of our students' young minds.

Again, thank you all for coming. Have a fruitful day. Good morning.

Date Posted: 09-28-2010