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On behalf of the Administration of Holy Angel, I welcome you all to our University on the occasion of the Philippine Statistics Quiz Bee –Pampanga Provincial Championship.

This exercise, I believe, aims to promote the search for knowledge and the enhancement of skills in statistics, underscoring the importance of this discipline in the various aspects of modern society ─ be this in education, science, technology, business, industry, economics, public service or even in the ordinary affairs of day-to-day life. Statistics puts in operation the scientific approach in gathering, organizing, analyzing and interpreting what would otherwise remain as useless tons of data, and finding meaning out of the information that can be extracted from therein, whether in descriptive or inferential terms. Statistics thus helps in making informed decisions, as well as in expanding the horizon of knowledge through research. In the language of a statistician, we could thus expect that the null hypothesis of no significant difference in the quality of decisions made by statistically-aided decision makers on one hand, and by statistically-unaided decision makers on the other hand, will be rejected oor not accepted in any level of significance.

It is therefore very fitting that we conduct academic exercises of this nature. Rest assured that the doors of Holy Angel University will always be open for the hosting of these endeavors, and we look forward to exploring other avenues of cooperation and collaboration between and among our institutions in this exciting and growing field.

Thank you and again, welcome to HAU.

Date Posted: 11-06-2013