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Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Mayap a bengi pu kekayu ngan. Masayang Kafiestan pu!

You probably noticed that we have a new statue of the Holy Guardian Angel which serves as the focal point of our new boulevard which we also named after the Holy Guardian Angel, the Paseo de San Angelo. So now we have this Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel. In front of the chapel is the Paseo de San Angelo or the Boulevard of the Holy Angel. And then we have the Statue of the Holy Guardian Angel, and our school is named, Holy Angel, of course, and it's located along a street named Holy Angel Avenue in a city named Angeles, or Angels in English.

But more important than naming our chapel, street, school and city after our patron saint, is living the values and virtues that the Holy Angel represents.

God in His loving kindness and mercy has sent to each one of us His own personal representative to light, to guard, to rule and guide us. Each one of us, whether we realize it or not, has his or her own Guardian Angel. It's an article of faith that was taught to us in catechism class, and now that we are older, instead of outgrowing it, we should revisit and embrace once again this wonderful concept of a loving presence that accompanies us every moment of the day.

Truly, angels are God's messengers for this is what they are. They are communicators of God's divine guidance to humanity. We too should become angels to one another by communicating the goodness of God to others who are in need of our help. We should all be messengers of happy news, carriers of happy thoughts, who bring the torch of truth, faith, hope and love to others.

Today, as we celebrate the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels may we become an angel for others by mending the broken, strengthening the weak and accompanying those who are lost. For all of us are angels each possessing only one wing, The only way we can fly is by embracing one another so we can complete our pair of wings.

Thank you for coming to celebrate with us the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.

Laus Deo Semper!

Date Posted: 10-03-2010