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Holy Angel University proudly carried thenational colors as the only school invited from the Philippines to participate in the 2013 Ganggyeong Salted Seafood Festival held in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam, South Korea from October 16-20, 2013.

Prof. Josephine Mendoza, Faculty, College of Hospitality Management, and Mr. Ronaldo Lapis, Head, International Affairs and Alumni Relations, represented the University at the event which had been designated as one of the top ten festivals in Korea by its Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Prof. Mendoza presented a paper on Philippine fermented products such as shrimp paste (bagoong), fermented rice and fish (buro) and crab fat paste (aligueng talangka)during the international forum at the opening day of the event which focused on the seafood fermentation tradition and culture in various Asian countries.

With assistance from a handful of Filipinos who have taken up residence in the area, Prof. Mendoza also conducted a food demonstration during the event’s culinary feature on the Philippines – one of only two countries given the center stage, the other being Vietnam.

The Ganggyeong Salted Seafood Festival looks back to a tradition of more than 200 years and the holding of an international seminar and food demonstration as part of this year’s activities was the first ever conducted in its long history.

It is estimated that half of Korea’s supply of fermented seafood products are produced in the area which is part of Nonsan, a region also famous for its other major produce – strawberries.

In between the activities at the festival, Prof. Mendoza and Mr. Lapis visited three Korean universities and met with their respective administrators for a courtesy call and initial discussion on the possibility of establishing international academic cooperation

Date Posted: 11-04-2013