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Four HAU publications finalists in the National Book Awards

Four books published by Holy Angel University (HAU) are competing for this year’s National Book Awards in three different categories.

The books are: AroKatimyas Da! A Memory Album of Titled Kapampangan Beauties 1908-2012 by Alex R. Castro (Leisure Category); Galé at Gósu: Para Karing Mal a Patulunan by Crispin Cadiang (Non-Fiction Prose, Kapampangan Category); Kawatasan: ObrangPoetaLaureado by Joel Mallari (Poetry, Kapampangan Language Category) and DiwangKayanakanKawatasanKapampangan: Sunis 1 by RoilingelCalilung, Adrian Lee Magcalas and Ernie Sabandal (Poetry, Kapampangan Language Category).

The National Book Award is the Philippines’ most prestigious prize for excellence in book writing, publishing and design. It is jointly given by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and the Manila Critics Circle (MCC), whose members include National Artist VirgilioAlmario, Cirilo Bautista, Isagani R. Cruz, ResilMojares, JuaniyoArcellana, Alfred Yuson and Danton Remoto.

The University has won a total of six (6) National Book Awards since it started publishing in 2003, including last year’s Pinatubo: The Volcano in Our Backyard (Science Category) by Robby Tantingco. Aside from science, the other categories where HAU has won or become a finalist in the National Book Awards are: translation, biography, history, fiction and the professions.

It is the first time that the National Book Development Board has opened the literary categories to Kapampangan books. The Center for Kapampangan Studies (CKS) submitted all Kapampangan-language books for consideration, whether published by the Center or not.

Castro’s book AroKatimyas Da, although formally launched last month, was published before the NBDB’s deadline of April, 2013. It competes against four formidable co-finalists in the Leisure Category, all published by Anvil Publishing.

“Holy Angel University can take pride in being able to compete alongside publishing giants like Anvil, UST, Ateneo and UP, despite its being a neophyte in the business, and based outside Manila, and run by a tiny group of rookie but dedicated staff,” CKS Director Robby Tantingco said.

Castro’s AroKatimyas Da! chronicles the long tradition of Kapampangan beauty queens while Cadiang’sGalé at Gosu is an anthology of original Kapampangan songs performed during All Saints Day. Mallari’sKawatasan is a collection of poems written by Kapampangan poets laureate while Calilung, Magcalas and Sabandal’sDiwangKayanakan features the works of young Kapampangan poets.

The other HAU books that have won the National Book Awards, aside from Tantingco’sPinatubo, are: Gloria: Roman Reyes’ Kapampangan Translation of HusengBatute’s Verse Novel (ed. Virgilio Reyes), A Cofradia of Two: Oral History on the Family Life and Lay Religiosity of Juan D. Nepomuceno and Teresa G. Nepomuceno of Angeles (Erlita Mendoza), Fray Francisco Coronel’s Arte y Reglas: Kapampangan Grammar and Rules circa 1621 (trans. Fr. Edilberto Santos), Fray Diego Bergaño’sVocabulario de Pampanga en Romance (trans. Fr. Venancio Samson – special citation) and The Law and Practice on Philippine Corporate Governance (Atty. Cesar Villanueva).

The winners this year will be announced by the NBDB after final rounds of deliberation.

Date Posted: 08-27-2013