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Blessing of Paseo De San Angelo, Holy Images of our Lady & Saint Joseph and Statue of the Holy Guardian Angel

Good morning, mayap a abak pu at happy fiesta kekatamu ngan.

I would like to begin by expressing the gratitude of the entire HAU academic community, first to Mr. & Mrs. Rene Henson and Dr. & Mrs. Rey Franco of the High School Batch 1964. Kong Rey and Kong Rene, thank you so much for your generosity and your abiding love for Holy Angel.

The new statue of the Holy Guardian Angel, which serves as the centerpiece of our new Paseo, is a monument of our community’s devotion to our patron saint. It is a depiction of God’s loving guidance, a reminder to our students that God is always behind them in their academic pursuits as well as in the pursuit of their dreams in life. It is also a link to our past, back to the days of the Holy Angel Academy as our alumni remember it, symbolized by this statue which is a replica of the old statue so familiar to many of you.

The community is also grateful to Mr. Alex Castro, a loyal friend to our Center for Kapampangan Studies. His love and affection for his mother reflects the affection his mother, Estrella del Rosario, had for Holy Angel. Long after she had graduated, she continued holding the torch for Holy Angel, regaling her children and grandchildren with high school memories and introducing them to characters from her Holy Angel days, which is why even if Alex never studied here, it’s as if he has met Miss Aranda and Mr. Flores.

It’s a story of enduring love for school that’s repeated in many families and households all over the province. And to memorialize that bond between mother and son and between alumna and alma mater, Alex is donating to Holy Angel these two images of Our Lady and St. Joseph, which are genuine works of Kapampangan folk art and craftsmanship.

Makanyan la pu kaganaka at kalugud deng aliwa tamung alumni keng karelang iskuela. What is even more personally moving to me is that this love for alma mater is passed on to their children, even if they themselves are not alumni of this school. The true spirit of Holy Angel is indeed not found in its edifices and structures, but in the hearts and souls of everyone who has ever been a part of it.

We are also formally opening today the Paseo de San Angelo, the gateway to the Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel and the channel connecting the front and back of the University. The decision to build this Paseo was a hard decision to make, because it involved the tearing down of a perfectly functioning building. But the Paseo has opened up not just a physical campus, but an entire community’s mindset. Students, faculty and employees, and even visiting alumni, are now even prouder of their school and of themselves. Pride of place is a difficult thing to instill in others, but I think we have done it. This 77-year-old institution has never looked this good and this young, and it reflects on everyone who’s ever been a part of this University.

Pasalamat ke pung maragul kekayu uling agyang fiesta Angeles, mekatagun kayu kening makuyad ming seremonyas. May Our Lady and St. Joseph pray for you and your loved ones, and may the Holy Guardian Angel be with you always. Mayap a oras pu kekayungan!

Date Posted: 10-09-2010