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To our dear Principals and School Representatives, our Entrance Scholars, my fellow workers at Holy Angel, Guests: Mayap a gatpanapun pu!

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to come to this program which our Scholarships and Grants Office has prepared for you. It is just our small way of expressing our gratitude to schools that have continued to send their graduates to Holy Angel.

Thank you for your support and enduring faith in us, our enrollment this year has increased again. Last year, we posted the highest enrollment since 1985, and this year, we broke that record again. We take this as a sign that you have not wavered in your belief that first, you don’t have to go to Manila and Baguio to look for a good school, and second, the right school for you here is Holy Angel.

This year, as we celebrate the 80th founding anniversary of Holy Angel, we really want to recognize the achievements and contributions of generations of Holy Angel students and faculty who helped start, maintain and sustain this great institution. Some of those are your parents, your grandparents, the principals and teachers in the many public and private schools in Pampanga and beyond. More than the efforts of our campaign team who visited your schools last year, it is probably the manifest love for alma mater of our alumni who hold positions in your schools, and the good example that they set that convinced you to choose Holy Angel. To them we give our heartfelt gratitude.

As the day of full implementation of Grades 11 and 12 draws near, we renew our 80-year-old relationship with our feeder schools. Ours is a relationship that has mutually served us. You send your graduates to us and invest their future here, and we give them back to you as fully formed, well-rounded professionals, ready to serve their respective communities. We hope that this relationship survive through and beyond the critical years.

Once again, to our school heads and their representatives, thank you. To our entrance scholars, congratulations and good luck on your freshman year.

Date Posted: 07-25-2013