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The College Academic Recognition Program

To our University President, Dr. Arlyn Villanueva; Fellow Workers in the University, Honor Students, Parents and Guardians, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning/afternoon and welcome to our College Academic Recognition Program.

At the onset, to the honorees I would like to say, “Congratulations to you for successfully making it to this day’s convocation by having qualified to the highly prestigious President’s List or the Dean’s List. It is in recognition of your brilliant academic performance that we are hosting this program. It is the University’s way of saying, “Well done. Keep it up and wishing you more success in your studies.”

This is also an opportune time to salute our parents and guardians ─ our partners in the education of these young people in our midst. More than the genes which you have obviously passed on to your children, your provision of a supportive, caring and nurturing home environment is also commended.

My dear honor students, the challenge now is for you to scale greater heights and cover more unexplored grounds. The quest for academic achievement does not stop with a medal or a certificate; it is a continuing process of learning, relearning and sometimes, even unlearning.

Keep the passion alive; keep the fire burning. Nevertheless, do not be contented with simply accumulating knowledge for knowledge’s sake; use your knowledge to better understand the world around you, analyze its complexities, synthesize seemingly unrelated phenomena, apply what you learn to solve practical problems, and evaluate reality in the light of theory.

On top of these, use your intellectual prowess to expand the frontiers of knowledge; this you can do by training yourselves in the conduct of scientific research and the production of creative outputs.

Meanwhile, we in the University Administration, are cognizant of your need to develop yourselves holistically ─ mind, body and spirit. Thus, while we are happy to see you excel in academics, we also seek to provide you with opportunities to equally pursue your physical, socio-cultural and spiritual wellbeing ─ all these to make you realize your potentials and live the full life that the good Lord so generously offers.

Yes, young people, in spite of the chaos and turmoil now present in the world, it is still a beautiful life.

Congratulations and may God bless us all.

Date Posted: 07-21-2013