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Our dear honorees, their parents and loved ones, members of the Administration and faculty, good morning/afternoon.

Every semester we come together for this rite of passage which is essential to the life and health of an academic institution. When our students do well in their studies, we pause and give them a pat on the back. This program is that pat on the back. It is not just an encouragement for you, our dear students, but to even do better next time. For us as an institution, it is an affirmation of our sacred duty to put on a pedestal students who have reached the standards of excellence we have set for them, so that the others may follow their example. You are those students.

We have many campus heroes and campus figures in this University: the athletes, the beauty kings and queens, the honest students, the working students, and then, of course, you. In the hierarchy of student heroism, you rank the highest, because you have made many personal sacrifices to get good grades, to follow your dream, and to make your parents proud. I know that many of you got the grades that put you where you are today, not just because you are inherently intelligent, but because you resisted temptations, gave up a lot of things, and burned the midnight oil.

You can consider this Recognition Day program also as an expression of our appreciation to you for contributing to our common quest for excellence. A University is only as good as the quality of its students. By raising the bar of academic excellence for yourselves, you have raised the level of academic excellence of your school, and contributed to its good reputation. You are the proof that we are doing the right thing, that our policies and programs are working, and our hard work is paying off. So through this program, the University wishes to thank each one of you and wish you the best in the years until graduation, and beyond.

All great men and women started as great students. You are now those great students, and it’s up to you if you can sustain your greatness in the years ahead. May our University’s Mission Statement be your guiding light in your quest for this greatness, and I quote: “Our mission is the development of the Whole Person in the service of man, for the greater glory of God.”

You are more than your intelligence. Your real worth as a person comes with your character. Character is the sum total of not just your intelligence but also your talents, your values in life, and your virtues. While we are happy and proud of your achievement as President’s Listers and Dean’s Listers, we will be prouder of you if you complete, enhance and enrich your intelligence and academic diligence with a well-rounded personality where Christ is the center of your life.

Once again, congratulations to you, our dear academic scholars. And to our parents, mayap a oras at dakal pung salamat kekayu ngan.

Date Posted: 07-21-2013