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Blessing of St. Joseph Hall

To our Board of Trustees led by the Chairman, Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, Our Auxiliary Bishops, Bishop Roberto Mallari and Bishop Pablo David, Members of the Nepomuceno family,Vice-Mayor Vicky Kabigting, Members of the Holy Angel Academic Community, our alumni, retirees, Ladies and gentlemen: Mayap a gatpanapun pu kekayu ngan.

In her Inauguration Address as University President in 1985, Sister Josefina Nepomuceno said something which I distinctly remember until now. She said, "Our service offerings have to be responsive to the realities of the economic, political and cultural context of our students."

She emphasized that a contextualized and responsive education is basically Christian, since most of society’s ills are due to violations of basic Christian principles. These guiding words from a wise predecessor come to mind tonight because as the University surges forward to modernization, we ultimately must return to the values and principles that inspired our founders to create Holy Angel, back in 1933. The digital world is truly an exciting place for our graduates to be in, but it contains a lot of uncharted territory that will muddle many ethical issues and challenge our graduates’ moral standards, which is why it is important to remind ourselves tonight of Sister Josefina’s words of advice.

I also remember Sister Josefina today because it was she who put the University on the road to computerization. This new building, the paperless society that we are nearly achieving, the high computer literacy rate of our students, faculty and employees—that is where that road has led to. So thanks to you, Sister, and to the other visionary in your team at the time, Engr. Gerry Nepomuceno.

This building was built in replacement for the original two-story St. Joseph Building demolished early this year to make way for the Paseo, which serves as the boulevard connecting the front and back sections of the campus. Aside from being the new home of three Colleges, it also contains facilities that were specifically designed for employee and faculty health and fitness program, as well as academic pursuits. This dignified-looking academic hall, with its stage that almost looks like a church altar, serves to emphasize the sanctity of education.

At Holy Angel, we consider learning in the classroom as sacred as praying in the chapel.

Lastly, this building is only one of several more buildings under our Ten-Year Campus Development Plan, which began with the new University Chapel last year. Holy Angel being the premier private educational institution in Central Luzon, cannot afford to sit on its laurels as other smaller but more aggressive schools sail away at full throttle.

Angeles City, with Clark nearby and the rest of Pampanga and Region III, is on the threshold of a great economic boom. Not only do we want to be there when it happens; we want to help make it happen.

Laus Deo Semper!

Date Posted: 11-19-2010