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Good morning.

I welcome one and all to the first ever “University-wide and Industry Partners MOA Signing.” Before we only see each other’s name on paper as we sign our memoranda of agreement; today we bring more warmth to the partnership by seeing each other face to face in this fitting ceremony.

By this event we are underscoring the importance of the Practicum/On-the-Job Training Program in the education and professional development of our students. We are making the statement that education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom, nor is it limited to the formidable fences of the University. Education is complemented by learning experiences in the actual place of work, enabling the learner to apply in real-life business, industry and professional situations whatever theories and principles he may have learned in school. This way, when he graduates, he steps into the professional labor market as a more prepared individual ─ academically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, socially and even spiritually.

To our industry partners, thank you so much for welcoming our students in your companies and institutions. May you find them as one of your stakeholders who, in their modest way, can contribute their share in the realization of your strategic and operational goals and objectives.

To our Practicum Coordinators ─ Carol, Cherry, Joy Anne, Jay, Deleila, Howell, Leslie, Arlan and Jehan ─ congratulations for conceiving and implementing this noteworthy project.

And to the rest, may we all support what this noble undertaking stands for, lending a hand to make a lasting difference in the lives of our students here in Holy Angel. Thank you.

Date Posted: 06-18-2013