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Economic Forum on ASEAN 2015 and Beyond.

Dr. Villegas, to our friends from the Metro Angeles and Pampanga Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the CEFA (Cultural and Educational Foundation of Angeles), colleagues in the academe, government and business sectors, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning and welcome to Holy Angel University as we hold this economic forum on ASEAN by 2015 and Beyond.

Hovering over our heads is a significant economic change that will take roots in 2015. In the works is the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community which will put into operation rules and regional commitments on (1) free flow of goods, (2) free flow of services, (3) free flow of investment, (4) free flow of capital, and (5) free flow of skilled labor among 10 member-countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, namely: the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

As business and academic leaders and players, we ask ourselves, “Is this development an opportunity or a threat? It may be one; it may be the other; it may even be both. Thus, the more crucial question is, “How prepared are we, both in the macro and micro levels, to embrace this change?” As always, being proactive is much better than being reactive, thus this forum.

This exercise is a step forward in building educated awareness so necessary for informed decision making. Holy Angel University, as a leading higher education institution in the region and the country, takes pride in offering itself as a partner and a venue for an intellectual discourse along this line.

And so, once again, I say, “Welcome to the University.” Good morning and God bless us all.

Date Posted: 05-30-2013