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Ladies and gentlemen:

Good evening. I join the Engineering and Architecture Family in congratulating our students who passed the recent Board examinations in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering on the occasion of this Testimonial Dinner 2013.

This dinner is one of the University’s ways of recognizing its alumni who brought singular pride and honor to the University by way of hurdling the various licensure tests administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). It is our way of saying, “Well done, Angelites. We are truly proud of you.”

The Government now qualifies you to the practice of your chosen profession, with all the rights, privileges and immunities attached thereof. Nevertheless, please do not forget that with every right is a duty, and with each privilege a responsibility.

Yours is the responsibility of living up to the highest level of professional ethical standards, providing your clients with the best service and value for money possible, and giving back to society in terms of involvement, if not leadership, in programs, projects and activities that promote a better quality of life.

I join you, our dear parents and guardians, in celebrating this grand achievement of your sons and daughters. What was once only a dream is now a reality. Your sacrifices have paid off; it is time to reap the fruits of your labors. Congratulations!

I also salute our administrators and faculty in the College of Engineering and Architecture. Congratulations, too, for a job well done.

Finally, may we give back all the glory and honor to God who has raised new engineers and architects in our midst. Honorees, remember, “What you were, what you are, and what you will be ─ all these are God’s gifts to you. What you do with these gifts is your gift to God.

Thank you and once again, Congratulations….

Date Posted: 03-14-2013