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Alumni Supports HAU Scholarship Program

Alumni Batches support their Alma Mater by donating to the HAU Scholarship Program. Knowing the plight of some of the poor but deserving Holy Angel students, few batches signified to sponsor scholars subject to the University standards on academic performance and scholarships.

This school year High School Batches 1963, 1987 and 2002 donated to the HAU Endowment Program. This endowment fund was established to support the scholarships, grants, faculty development and research undertaking of the University. It is only the interest income from the fund that will be used to the intended purposes.

The thrust of the Scholarships and Grants Office is to increase the perpetual endowment fund for the benefit of deserving grantees.

Batch 1963: Mr. Rey Canio, Mrs. Celia Timbol with Ms. Edna Marizza Santos and Mr. Robert Tantingco

Batch 1987: Ms. Mia Gonda and Mr. Nila Yumul with Mr. Robert Tantingco, Mr. Ronaldo Lapis and Ms. Ma. Theresa Fajardo

Batch 2002: Batch Officers headed by Mr. Rennier Perez with Dr. Arlyn Villanueva, Mr. Ronaldo Lapis, Mr. Robert Tantingco and Ms. Ma. Theresa Fajardo

Date Posted: 02-07-2013