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Holy Angel College HS Batch 1968 Notches 45 Years

Members of Holy Angel College HS Batch 1968 commemorated its 45th anniversary with a week-long celebration which commenced with a fitting Homecoming Reunion at the University’s Plaza San Jose on January 26, 2013 and culminated with a retro farewell party at the Oasis Hotel on February 2, 2013.

In between, the HAC HS Batch 1968 alumni, called The Victors, coaxed more memories from their high school years as they held a picnic at Vista Verde Resort, enjoyed a barrio fiesta-style party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Gerry and Tess Paje, spent a night in Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club and a day of sightseeing in Tagaytay, partied the night away in Bellevue Hotel and bonded over a luau feast in Casa Agricola.

The HAC HS Class of 1968 wrote about the celebration, with great fondness and gratitude:

"We, the graduates of Holy Angel College Class 1968, better known as The Victors, feel so blessed to have been able to set foot on our alma mater to celebrate our 45th Reunion on January 26, 2013. Everyone agreed there is no better place to get together, after 45 years, than the school premises itself. Thus, we chose to celebrate it on the very ground that meant so much to us – the HAC Main Building Quadrangle! It was in this venue where proms, basketball tournaments, school plays, and graduations were held. It was our gym, auditorium, and theatre, all rolled into one!

To reclaim that “sacred” ground even just for that day felt like we continued from where we left off 45 years later. We realized that after going in different directions in the course of time, we would all long to go back and reconnect.

Many of us traveled thousands of miles just to be with our batch mates. Regardless of the expenses that it entailed, the work left behind, the families that had to make adjustments while mother or father is attending his/her high school reunion, the strong desire to be at the 45th Reunion prevailed.

The strongest driving force which overcame all kinds of obstacles is one’s desire to re-establish the ties with batch mates who walked, laughed, cried, and shared their dreams at a very tender age. It was at this time when most of us were confused, lost, or have low self-esteem and might have been misjudged as unfriendly or anti-social. Thanks to reunions, we are given chances to make up for any shortcomings and be better batch mates. The priest's affirmation that each one of us came for each other (“Minuli ku, uli mu”) is very true.

High school memories really created a very big impact on our lives and, as we rewind the hands of time, we realize that those memories are intact and we can still recall details as if they just happened days ago! As each attendee wore the Batch ‘68 T-shirt, the transformation begins: the sixteeners of years 1964-1968 came to life, and all that mattered to them is to continue from where they left off.

The journey continues ... It did not end on graduation day after all! Without saying it out loud, the sparks in our eyes and never-ending smiles say it all.

Thanks to our alma mater and mentors who helped mold us into what we had become. Thanks for nourishing us with the values of humility, gratitude and generosity. That is what made us come back – we are humbled by the greatness of our school and batch mates, we are grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon us, and we would like to share our blessings."

Date Posted: 02-07-2013