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National Book Week Celebration. The library celebrated National Book Week with the theme "The Libraries: Effects on Society" last November 28-29, 2012. The line-up of activities was as follows:

  • On-the-Spot Fun Filled Library Activities
    To promote the various information sources (print & non-print available in the different sections of the library

  • Books and E-resources Exhibit
    To create awareness and showcase different library materials that serve as educational and intellectual learning resources.

  • Recognizing Top Library Users
    To give recognition to students/faculty borrower with the most number of books borrowed in a span of one (1) semester.

  • Acknowledging “Early Bird(s)” in the Library
    To give recognition to students/faculty/NTP/administrator who first entered the library during the activity.

  • Amnesty Week
    To retrieve overdue books within the duration of the National Book Week (November 24-30), without being penalized regardless of how long the book was overdue or how much the borrower should have to pay.

The National Book Week celebration was a two-day activity wherein the University Library facilitated the following activities in the Library:

Day 1

  • Ribbon Cutting of the Library Book Exhibit led by Dr. Jaime V. Cortez, VPAA
  • Book Fair (Philmont Academic Solutions Inc., C& E Publishing, Inc. and CE Logic)
  • Awarding of Early Bird(s)
    • Harley B. Turalde (CEA) - Student Category
    • Arthur Mitra (CEA) – Faculty Category
    • Norman Garcia (Technician) – NTP Category
    • Ronald Yu (Head, Property) – Admin Category
  • Awarding of Top Library User(s) - Hall of Fame
    • Aguilera, Lorenz (CASED) – Student
    • Liwanag, Riqueza (CICT) – Student
    • Santos, O-Jay (CEA) - Faculty
  • On-the-Spot Fun Filled Library Activities such as Bring Me, Trivia, Call Number Searching

Day 2

  • On-the-Spot Fun Filled Library Activities such as Bring Me, Trivia, Call Number Searching
  • Orientation of E-Resources led by the CE Logic Specialists – Ms. Bea Castillo

Date Posted: 02-07-2013