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Soft Launching of the HAU Online Review System

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning.

In a simple ceremony today, we are launching something grand ─ the HAU Online Review System which, I believe, will increasingly become an important study tool of college students enrolled in programs with licensure examinations.

Finally, today, the long journey from conception to implementation has borne its fruit. Conceived by the University President a few years ago, this project was received by the Academic Group and made a reality ─ thanks to the joint effort of the Deans, the faculty members, the developers, and the students who, in one way or another, have become a part of this priceless innovation.

The Online Review System (ORS) is an ongoing concern. It will not be perfect at the very start, but it will continue to smoothen its rough edges, fix the bugs and address the glitches where and when discovered. It will likewise be a dynamic system, with questions in its database expected to multiply in heaps and bounds.

Dear students, this service is for you to avail. Use it extensively and derive the maximum benefit. It is one of the many ways by which the Administration and the Faculty empower you as matured learners preparing for one of the greatest battles in your professional education, training and development ─ the Board examinations.

We trust that with this and other interventions, the Board examination performance of the University in all fronts ─ Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Teacher Education, Criminology, and Psychology ─ to start with, shall always be with flying colors.

To all of us, Congratulations. Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 01-27-2013