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Academic Recognition Program

To our dear University President, Dr. Arlyn Villanueva, fellow administrators and members of the Faculty, student honorees and parents, friends, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning/afternoon and welcome to the Academic Recognition Program in honor of our student-achievers who successfully made it to the President’s List, Deans’ Lists and various scholarship grants as a result of their exemplary academic performance during the First Semester of the current school year, 2012-2013.

By regularly holding this convocation, Holy Angel University reaffirms its commitment to pursue its vision and mission, particularly in the promotion of academic excellence. We strive to prepare you, our students, for life in general, and for the practice of a profession, in particular ─ thereby transforming you into responsible members of your respective communities and dynamic leaders of our society. We trust that through our faculty, instruction, library, laboratories and other physical facilities, student service programs, community outreach activities and school administration, we will play the key role in your development as whole persons, equipped with the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values so important, not only to survive but to grow and succeed in this highly competitive world.

I join your parents, other family members, teachers, classmates and friends in celebrating this milestone in your lives. In the same vein I challenge you not to rest on your laurels but to continue until the finish line. Just as a race consists of several laps; a book, of many chapters; and a journey, of numerous steps, so is your college life constituted by several stages. Let each stage then be better than the previous one ─ each semester, leveling up; and each academic year, unfolding with more victories and success stories.

In closing, I praise God for working amazingly and marvelously in your studies. May your achievements be a reflection of his wisdom, goodness and faithfulness, and as such, may you give him back all the glory and honor due him.

Again, Congratulations! Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 01-15-2013