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HAU to offer Grade 11 starting June 2013

The Department of Education has granted Holy Angel University permission to offer Grade 11 next school year, ahead of most schools in the region.

Under the government’s K-12 program, high school freshmen (Grade 7) this school year will not take college after their graduation from high school in 2016 but will instead have to enroll in Grade 11 in school year 2016-17 and Grade 12 in school year 2017-18.

The University sought permission from DepEd to offer its own Senior High School three years ahead of the program’s general implementation in 2016, to give its students seeking immediate employment a good headstart, and to allow the school to pilot-test the program for further improvement and innovation.

The HAU Senior High School has five areas of specialization, called “Career Pathways”: Hospitality Management (HRM), Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT), Technical Servicing Technopreneurship, Garments and Fashion Design Technopreneurship, and Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology (BPO-IT).

High school seniors graduating this school year are qualified to enroll in the University’s Grade 11.

“This is a great privilege for us and for our students because we are among the very first schools in the region and perhaps the country to be allowed to offer Grade 11 this early,” Dr. Jaime Cortez, VP for Academic Affairs, said.

“After fourth-year high school, our students can gain the competencies of their choice through TESDA courses, practicum, lecture and laboratory which are all in our Grade 11 and Grade 12 program,” Dr. Cortez added.

For inquiries, please contact the Principal’s Office, High School Department, Holy Angel University at tel. nos. 888-8691 loc. 1501 and 1503, email at or text at 0933 936 0582..

Date Posted: 01-17-2013