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College Recognition Day

To our honorees, the academic scholars of last semester, and their parents and loved ones: Good morning/afternoon.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your continuing loyalty to this University and for your faith in the quality of education that we provide you. As the best and brightest among our students, you are not only the role models that the other students imitate, you are also the leaders that they must follow. I therefore expect you to be mature enough and smart enough to realize the weight of responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders.

You are in this University for one and only one reason: to prepare yourself for life. That includes studying in the classroom that will prepare you for work, and participating in activities outside the classroom that will give you the right values to succeed in your family life, in your personal well-being, and in your relationship with God. The high grades that you get are not the end-all and be-all of your stay in this University. You are also here to join the right activities that will make you a happier, more compassionate, and more charitable person.

As our academic scholars, you owe it to this University to fulfill your potential for professional success, to rise to the occasion when your responsible leadership is called upon, and to express your gratitude and prove your loyalty to the University that has given you so much. You can do this by defending its reputation against those who will try to besmirch it. After all, an alma mater with a solid and untainted reputation will work to your advantage when you seek employment, especially with companies that put a lot of emphasis on reputable universities.

Later this month, we will launch our new online review system to give you an early preparation for the board exams. We are one of the first schools in the Philippines to offer this kind of student service. Under this system, you can access our campus Intranet where you will find thousands of questions that simulate the questions found in board exams. On your own convenient time and at your own pace, you can answer these questions no matter what year level you are, and get immediate results. This way you get yourself acclimatized with the format of board exams and get an early headstart, instead of waiting for graduation before starting review classes, which are usually very expensive and held in Manila. Our faculty members will be uploading hundreds of questions on a regular basis to replenish the questionnaires in the online system.

This is just one of the many innovations that the University is constantly introducing to our students to prepare them for work and for life. We are not a perfect school. Even Harvard and Ateneo and La Salle are not perfect schools. But we can assure you that we are doing everything we can to give you what you deserve, maybe more than you deserve, but definitely not less than you deserve.

I hope you remain steadfast in your pursuit of academic excellence and in your struggle to be the mature, responsible and Christ-centered leaders that we expect you to be, so that when the time comes when I hand to you your well-earned diploma, I can look you in the eye and say, “Congratulations, I am truly proud of you, my dear Angelite!”

Thank you.

Date Posted: 01-16-2013