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Alumni batches are formed when graduates want to continue the friendships that were developed during their school days. These batches while they enjoy the friendship think of ways on how to give back to their alma mater as an expression of gratitude and loyalty to the school that helped them become what they are today. One of the venues where they can give back to their alma mater is through supporting HAU Scholarship Program. In the past alumni batches, sponsor scholarship of children of batch mates.

High School Batch 61 is the first alumni batch to sponsor scholarship in coordination with the University Scholarships and Grants Office (USGO). Initially, the batch will sponsor one scholar taking up Teacher Education course until graduation. The maintenance requirements are aligned with the university policies on scholarship.

The officers of the batch involved themselves in the selection and processing of the grantee. The USGO recommended ten students taken from the honor roll based on the first semester’s grade point average (GPA) and the batch representatives conducted the interview.

Mr. Arthur Buan, the active representative of the batch, after involving himself in the screening and interview of possible grantees said:

During the interview, I heard the children tell their heart-rending stories. If my involvement was initially skin deep, I became very passionate in espousing their plight. I am now a spokesman and will help raise funds for the deserving and truly needy, in whatever way I can. Before I was strongly against donation, because I saw all the big buildings (and more being built) on the campus. I asked myself, “Why can’t they support all the deserving students?” After a few months of ruminating about it, I made a turn around when I looked at it from the perspective of the student scholars in dire financial strait.

After a thorough screening the lucky recipient of the Batch 61 Scholarship is Justin C. Gurrobat who is taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English.

Date Posted: 12-06-2012