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Midyear Conference of the Philippine Association of Collegiate and Schools of Business (PACSB)

On behalf of my University President, Dr. Arlyn Villanueva, I welcome you all to Holy Angel University on the occasion of your midyear conference with the theme, 2016 and Beyond: Strategic Plans to Address K-12.

In the conduct of your environmental scanning exercise, you must have realized that K-12 Basic Education Curriculum stands out as one of the most significant developments now affecting, and will continue to affect, the educational landscape in the next few years. Is this an opportunity or a threat? Will its impact on our existence, survival and growth be positive or negative?

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how we view the effects of K-12 depends on the microscopic lens that we use and the analytical prowess that we have as school administrators.

What is imperative is for higher education institutions to be proactive. We have to prepare for things even before they happen, exploring multiple scenarios if need be, and crafting contingency plans for various possibilities.

It is in this area where deans and heads of schools and colleges of business like you can contribute a lot. Trained in the concepts and tools of strategic planning, you can help not only your own academic departments but your respective colleges and universities in charting their course.

May this conference then serve as the proper forum for productive brainstorming, discussion and benchmarking.

Holy Angel University welcomes one and all with open arms and with the mark of the proverbial Kapampangan hospitality.

Thank you.

Date Posted: 11-14-2012