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Epaulette Ceremony of the Aeronautical Engineering Students

To the CEA family, our beloved parents and students, ladies and gentlemen:

Good afternoon and welcome to the Epaulette Ceremony of the Aeronautical Engineering Department of the College of Engineering and Architecture.

My dear students, this ceremony is symbolic in that it highlights your maturation in the Aeronautical Engineering career. As you go steps higher and higher in your professional education and training, your level of competence, responsibility and accountability likewise rises. You are now expected to become doubly serious and conscientious in your studies, mastering all the knowledge and skills there are to acquire, at the same time developing and keeping a new brand of self discipline so important in the practice of the profession.

Wear that epaulette with pride; it is now a part of your uniform. It is a part of what you represent and what represents you in the academic and professional world. Do not tarnish its image, but walk with it in utmost dignity and respect.

To all of you, including our parents and guardians who are here today, Congratulations. In all we do, we may we always live up to the University’s motto of praising God always.

Thank you.

Date Posted: 09-26-2012