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HAU to unveil restored Lorenzo Ruiz mural

The giant outdoor mural painting of St. Lorenzo Ruiz and the Martyrs of Nagasaki, which was used as backdrop during the saint's beatification rites at Luneta in 1981, will be unveiled on October 18 at Holy Angel University.

The 40-foot mural is considered a third-class relic of Blessed Pope John Paul II, who touched and blessed it in 1981, and is the only known sacred object pertaining to the first Filipino saint.

The mural was done by Archt. Jose Ma. Zaragoza, designer of the Meralco Theatre, the Sto. Domingo Church, Pink Sisters Convent, and other landmarks in Manila.The Zaragozas are related to the ancient Cepeda clan in Spain, which is the family of St. Teresa of Avila.Archt. Zaragoza's mother belonged to the Velez-Infante clan of Guagua, Pampanga.

The Zaragozas donated the mural to the HAU Center for Kapampangan Studies for restoration

Robby Tantingco, the Center Director, said that the unveiling coincides with the 25th anniversary of the canonization of St. Lorenzo Ruiz.The canonization of the second Filipino saint, Pedro Calungsod, is also within days of the anniversary.

St. Lorenzo Ruiz was martyred in Nagasaki in 1637, along with several Dominican missionaries.His remains are lost, so we have no trace of him,” Tantingco said.This mural is the only blessed object with historical significance that pertains to St. Lorenzo Ruiz, and because it was touched by another candidate for sainthood, Pope John Paul II, it is a sacred object twice over, not to mention that it was done by a great architect.

Lorenzo Ruiz' beatification in Luneta, where the mural was first used, is also significant in another sense: it was the first beatification rites held outside Rome in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Auxiliary Bishop of San Fernando, Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio David, DD, SThD, will officiate the Holy Mass after the unveiling of the mural.

The mural had been stored in the Zaragozas' building in Quiapo since 1981.HAU architect Lideson Mallari and artist Arnold Salunga supplied the missing panels and reconstructed the painting using photographs of the 1981 event and supervised by CKS consultants.

The mural will be erected again on December 6 for the centennial birth anniversary of Archt. Zaragoza.

Date Posted: 10-11-2012