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CAMPUS MINISTRY OFFICE’s newly inducted University Pastoral Council Members

The Campus Ministry Office has come up with its new sets of University Pastoral Council Members. Its members were inducted last September 10, 2012 during the 9:10 am Mass, celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentine.

During the induction, Fr. Jobert Villacorte put an emphasis on “stretching out the arms” of every UPC members to further strengthen, sustain and promote the spirituality of HAU students and employees.

University Pastoral Council Members
1. Ms. Alma V. Yutuc – College of Business and Accountancy
2. Mr. Adrian Lee G. Magcalas – College of Communication and Information Technology
3. Ms. Jaramie Manalaysay & Ms. Heide Siopeco – College of Hospitality Management
4. Ms. Rochelle Gomez – College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
5. Engr. Arnaldo S. Gutierrez – College of Engineering and Architecture
6. Mr. Mark Anthony Senapilo – College of Criminal Justice, Education and Forensic
7. Ms.Laila T. Guarin & Ms. Jakielyn G. David – College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences
8. Mr. Jonathan Montemayor – Institute of Christian Formation and Social Integration
9. Ms. Maria Gina Diaz – Office of the External Affairs and Corporate Communications
10. Ms. Imelda Ladillo – Office of the Campus Services and Development
11. Ms. Remedios Vital - Office of the Finance and Resource Management Services
12. Ms. Maria Teressa De Leon – High School Department
13. Ms. Ra Shella Yu – Laboratory Elementary School Department
14. Mr. Joseph P. Sevilla – Office of the Information Technology and Records Services/ Registar’s Office
15. Ms. Marrielle A. Fuentes – University Student Council

Mr. Gino L. Angeles - University Student Council
Mr. John Carlo G. Quito - University Student Council
Mr. Alvin Ponce Maniti- Head, University Pastoral Council & Campus Ministry Office

Spiritual Advisers and Consulters
Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva- University President
Ms. Norilyn M. Pineda- Director, Institute for Christian Formation and Social Integration
Rev. Fr. Jobert M. Villacorte- University Chaplain

Date Posted: 09-09-2012