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High School Parents-Teachers Association Induction Ceremonies

To the Officers and Members of the High School Parents-Teachers Association, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning.

At the onset I would like to congratulate the officers who will be inducted today ─ from the homeroom level to the year level, and finally, to the department-wide level. In the same way I wish to express my appreciation to the outgoing set of officers for a job well done during their term of office.

Needless to say, holding a position in the PTA is a labor of love. It is a call of duty that springs from a genuine desire to serve the people closest to our hearts in the field of education ─ our children, their teachers, fellow parents and guardians, and other stakeholders in the Institution. That is why my personal admiration goes to you, that in spite of your busy schedules and the endless demands of family and work life, you have managed to respond to the challenge of giving a portion of your self ─ your time, effort, knowledge, talents and skills ─ all in the common pursuit of a quality educational experience for your children, our students.

The Administration of the University looks at you as partners in our quest for excellence. Let us work together to identify problems, and then to propose and implement solutions. Let us also be proactive and developmental, conceiving win-win programs, projects and activities that address worthwhile objectives and which are better done in collaboration rather than in isolation.

The African Igbo proverb captures all I want to tell you this morning. Beautifully it says, “Ora na azu nwa,” which is translated as, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Truly, raising our children is a collective responsibility not limited to the immediate family. It extends to the school, the community, the city, the province, the nation and the world. Here in Holy Angel, let us accept this responsibility and match it with concrete action.

Again, Congratulations! Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 08-24-2012