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Annual Epaulette & Four-In-Hand Tie Ceremony of the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics

On behalf of the University President and the rest of the academic community, I wish to convey my heartfelt greeting on the occasion of your Epaulette and Tie Ceremony.

This ritual is very significant because it highlights the identity that you now carry as a Criminal Justice Education and Forensics student. Your uniform, with the shoulder board and tie, represents your dignity as an aspiring criminologist. Wear it with pride and honor, and never do anything that will tarnish the good name of your College, in particular, and of the Criminology profession, in general.

You are now in the first two years of your professional training. My advice is for you to begin well. Study you lessons to the best of your ability, seeking not only to pass but to learn. Master the skills that you will need in your career, remembering that constant practice makes perfect. And equally important—promote your personal discipline. As future vanguards of law and order, make it your aim to become role models, even now as students, insofar as adherence to school policies, rules and regulations is concerned.

Above all, I call on you to develop yourselves into a new breed of criminologists who are imbued with the Christian values of being honest, just, respectful, peace loving, conscientious, patriotic and God-fearing.

On the note, I close my message by saying “Congratulations. Laus Deo Semper”.

Date Posted: 08-16-2012