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The University Guidance Center celebrated the Guidance Week last July 23-27. The celebration was aimed at promoting and bringing closer the services of the Center to the students. It started with exhibits for grade school, high school and college students. The exhibits focused on the awareness of the guidance program and services. Students were also made to experience guidance through the self-awareness and appreciation activities.

On-the-spot poster making contests focusing on the theme “Guidance is the heart of the school” were also held in the grade school and high school department.

Grade School Category

  • Arnold Arciaga II, 6-St. Anael - First Place
  • Martin Oliver Cordero, 6-St. Anael - Second Place
  • Ryan Wilfred Rivera, 5-St. Sealtiel - Third Place

High School Category

  • Giesel Lyka Cabrera, II-Chronicles - First Place
  • Raffy Renz Tiglao, III-Ephesians - Second Place
  • Jim Joshua Panares, IV-St. Ambrose - Third Place

The celebration ended with a special forum on “Bullying,” facilitated by Ms. Michele Alignay, MA, RGC of the Love Institute. The forum was held at the SJH, Academic Hall and was attended by grade school and high school student leaders.

Below are the images of the event.

Date Posted: 07-28-2012