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Third Batch of Kyungbuk College Students Completes English Language Course

The Four-Week English Language Course for Kyungbuk College (KBC) of South Korea drew to a close with a Closing Ceremony on August 4, 2012 at the Center for Kapampangan Studies Theater.

The event was graced by the presence of University officials led by Prof. Robert Tantingco, Vice-President for External Affairs and Communications, who delivered an inspirational message. Mr. Keum Yong Seok, an administrator from KBC, flew into the country to attend the event while Mr. Sean Jookyung Lee addressed the students in behalf of KBC.

The closing ceremony, hosted by students Mr. Taein Gim (Ray) and Ms. Yuri Jung (Yulia), marked the graduation of 20 KBC students who completed the 80-hour English Language Course conducted by the University from July 9, 2012 to August 4, 2012.

Named outstanding students were Ms. Subin Lee (Bini), Mr. Minyong Eom (Henry) and Ms. Suhyeon Kim (Catherine) together with program emcee Ms. Jung. They were each presented with a Certificate of Recognition for their exceptional performance in class. By turns, Ms. Lee, Mr. Eom and Ms. Kim delivered a valedictory speech in English.

The graduates comprised the third batch from KBC to complete the English Language Course (ELC), a program instituted under the terms of the academic cooperation between KBC and the University.

Mr. Ronaldo Lapis, Coordinator for International Affairs and Alumni Relations (OIAAR), presented a Certificate of Appreciation to each of the University’s academic scholars and Teacher Education students who participated in a learning component of the course called the ELC-Buddy System. These selected University students were assigned as “buddies” to the visiting Korean students with whom they regularly interacted and engaged in English conversation throughout the course.

As part of the course, the Korean students likewise attended regular English and Physical Education classes which provided them with the experience of actual classroom instruction at the University. They also undertook a one-day educational tour in Metro Manila and visited Luneta, Intramuros and the Ayala Museum.

During the program, service agency employees Joel Gigante and Nelson Pangilinan were cited for their act of honesty and were each awarded with a Certificate of Recognition. They returned the cellphone lost by Korean student Henry Minyong Eom.

Through an audio-visual presentation, the KBC students conveyed their thoughts and feelings about the English course, the University and its students and teachers, the Philippines and its people and culture, and the various experiences they had during their stay in the country. They performed their graduation song “Farewell”, a popular Filipino-composed English song, while trying to hold back tears.

The HAU Chorale and the HAU Dance Theater, under the direction of Dr. Raymond Patterson, ushered the graduating students, University officials, KBC administrator and representatives, and guests into the reception at Café Juan with enchanting performances.

In turn, the KBC students presented a variety program which showcased their singing and dancing talents – much to the delight of the audience. Prof. Hazel Nucup, in thanks and farewell to the students, rendered a Korean pop song as Prof. Cristina Manio and OIAAR Staff Rowena Aguilar bade each of the KBC students goodbye.

The event ended with photo-taking, with hugs and embraces, with exchanges of notes, gifts and tokens, with promises to stay in touch and with wishes to meet again: amidst tears and laughter and in the warm glow of unity, friendship, and camaraderie.

Date Posted: 08-03-2012