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College Academic Recognition Day

Our dear honorees, their parents and loved ones, members of the teaching and non-teaching workforce of the University, good morning.

Every semester we come together to give official recognition to students who have achieved academic excellence. Academic excellence, as you know, is what we are all here for. It is the core value of our University. Every effort that we make, whether we are administrators, faculty members, non-teaching personnel, and students, is directed towards achieving academic excellence. This program is an expression of our appreciation to you for contributing to our common quest for excellence. Through this program, the University wishes to thank each one of you for helping raise the standard of excellence of this school. Through this program also, the University expresses its words of support and encouragement to you, that you continue the good work until graduation, and even after graduation, when excellence in the classroom translates into excellence at work.

We have also invited your parents and loved ones because we want to personally congratulate them for your accomplishments. It takes an entire family to produce a scholar and an honor student. Much of the credit for your success in your studies should go to them. It was their sacrifices, their encouragement, and their inspiration that led you to where you are today. You should always demonstrate your gratitude by maintaining your grades and becoming the best person that they want you to be.

My dear students, I invite you to read and take seriously the Mission Statement of our University: “Our mission is the development of the Whole Person in the service for man and for the greater glory of God.” You are more than your intelligence. Your real worth as a person comes with your character. Character is the sum total of not just your intelligence but also your talents, your values in life, and your virtues. While we are happy and proud of your achievement as academic scholars, we will be prouder of you if you complement, enhance and enrich your intelligence and academic diligence with a well-rounded personality where Christ is the center of your life. By all means, do well in your studies, but make sure you do not forget to develop the other aspects of your life-. Above all, share what you have, and share what you know. You are not in a race where you win if you leave everyone far behind. You must go back and help those who are lagging behind. You will realize that you will be ahead not just in school, but in Life. You will be rewarded when the time comes. That is what we mean when we say We Prepare You For Life.

Once again, congratulations to you, our dear academic scholars. And to our parents, dakal pung salamat kekayu ngan.

Date Posted: 07-22-2012