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HAU now has 18,394 students

Holy Angel University, the biggest private Catholic school in Central Luzon, got even bigger this school year with 18,394 students enrolled in its various academic programs.

Of this total figure, 13,946 enrollees are college students, which is an all-time high for Holy Angel University. The rest are 3500 high school students, 616 elementary school students, and 332 Graduate School students.

This year’s enrollment count is 881 more than last year’s 17,513 total student population.

“We would like to thank our students and their parents for their faith in our academic standards and quality of services,” University President Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva said. “And we’d like to thank our Board, administrators, faculty and employees for helping keep those standards high.”

This year’s 18,394 total count is the highest since the early 1980s, when S. Josefina G. Nepomuceno, OSB took over as President.

“We had 28,000 students then, half of it in high school,” Robert Tantingco, VP for External Affairs and Corporate Communications, said. “At that time, we only had 11,000 college students, fewer than this year’s nearly 14,000.”

“Sister Josefina tightened admission to achieve academic excellence, which led to a decline in enrollment, and then there was also Pinatubo, which cut our enrollment in half,” Tantingco said.

“With Pinatubo we hit rock bottom, but that was also the time Sister Josefina’s accreditation efforts started to bear fruits, which reversed the downward trend in enrollment,” Tantingco said.

The succeeding presidents, especially the current one, initiated their own reforms and innovations which has since sustained the steady increase in enrollment.

“Despite inflation and the proliferation of community colleges, Holy Angel this year broke a record, and that’s something to celebrate in this 80th foundation anniversary,” Tantingco added.

The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA)is once again the biggest College with 4427 enrollees, an increase of 446 from last year’s 3981.

CBA is followed by the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) with 3337 enrollees, which is 503 enrollees more than last year’s 2834—the biggest increase posted by a College this school year.

Next is the College of Hospitality Management (CHM) with 2378, a slight decrease of 130 from last year’s 2508, followed by the College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) with 1678, also a slight decrease (80) from last year’s 1758.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASEd) is another big gainer with 1522 enrollees, up by 243 enrollees from 1279 last school year.

The College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences (CNAMS) reflected the national downtrend with 345 students, down by 211 from last year’s 556 enrollees.

The youngest college in the University, the College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) posted a gain of 61 students with 259 enrollees this year compared to last year’s 198.

Meanwhile, the University’s Laboratory Elementary School (LES) also posted a gain, from 567 last year to 616 this year. On the other, High School (HS) decreased by eight (8) students, from 3508 last year to 3500 this year.

The HAU Graduate School, which operates by trimester, is also a gainer, from 324 last year to 332 this year.

Date Posted: 07-03-2012